This exclusive and mobile cigar lounge is an original Airstream from the 1970s. It can be rented for private or business events. It’s extraordinary and eye-catching, consisting of 14 luxurious leather seats inside and 16 outdoor lounge chairs, a bar, a fridge, a humidor, air conditioning and custom ventilation. We offer a complete range of cigars and drinks and can fulfill any particular requests.

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The Silver Cigar Lounge is now operated by O.P.A. Cigar Club.


Do you need a mobile space to enjoy fine cigars and assorted drinks?

We offer a fully equipped lounge and service to satisfy all of your needs.

Please ask us and we will be happy to make you an offer and explain the options.


Original, Eyecatcher, Airstream, Bar, Meeting Point, Lounge,…

Technical Specifications:
Exterior: – 10 m length x 2,5 m width x 2,9 m height (with sun shield 5 m width)
Interior: – 8,3 m length x 2,3 m width x 2,0 m height
Weight: – about 3 t
Power: – 380 V / 16 A
Water: – Water hose 1/2″ or tank
Greywater: 40 mm pipe or tank
Soundsystem: – Inside and outside Speakers with about 160 W
Outdoor patio below the sun shield: about 15 m²


Please feel free to contact us. If you wish to get an offer for the Silver Cigar Lounge please us the bid form.